Looking For Your Dream Home in New Construction?

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Looking For Your Dream Home in New Construction?

 Are you interested in a new-built home? We can help you out and make your brand new home purchase a great experience.

builder  DID YOU KNOW?

 If you are looking to buy a newly built home, when you sign in at a model home site, you may unintentionally sign away your right to involve your own real estate agent to represent and advise you.

New Construction   NEW CONSTRUCTION

 Let us know you want to look at new construction when choosing your dream home. We know exactly how to negotiate with your builder to get you the home you deserve -- at the greatest value.

avoid costly mistakes  AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES

 We truly understand new construction, and we know how to help you avoid things that could end up being very costly later on. Having a knowledgable realtor when buying a new home is invaluable.


 Mr. Nice Guy Real Estate Group will help you understand all of your options. Keep in mind, the office personnel of the builder are working for the builder to sell you a home, but we work for YOU -- We are your advocates!


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